Proverbs 21:5  Salm 90:17

on tour

Where you go, we go!…
The best support you can get on any Motorcycle tours in Ecuador, and South America. No one can give you the support and peace of mind that we can, nobody.


Moto Ecuador Aventura has the vehicles, special equipment, crew, and know how to make your tour with us safe and comfortable as it can be.


Your Safety is Our Priority

Safety and security are about being aware of your surroundings, clear communication, and being prepared. Our equipment is provided by leading international manufacturers, purchased new, and maintained that way by a team of professionals. We don’t cut corners on tires, brakes, or any equipment and we inspect and secure everything with North American and European standards. We follow MSF guidelines with regards to group riding, and our tours are equipped with satellite communication systems in case of an emergency. Our entire staff has been trained in emergency scene management, first aid, and CPR as well as motorcycle mechanics and maintenance.