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This ride through the Ecuadorian deep Amazon region extends over an area of ​​exuberant vegetation, typical of the humid-tropical forests, representing 43% of the Ecuadorian territory.


The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world, there are more buzzes, chatter, and bubbles of life here than anywhere else on the planet. An Amazonian tree can host more species of ants than all the British Isles combined, one hectare of forest has as many species of frogs as in all of North America.


Here you can find a monkey small enough to sit on your fingertip, an eight-pound toad, a bird-eating spider, and the world’s largest snake, the 30-foot anaconda, all this and much more makes Ecuador a playground for adventure riders all over the world. Explore now the Ecuador Amazon tour by motorcycle.
You will visit handpicked locations that are incredibly biodiverse; only 1/4 of a square kilometer of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador supports more than 1,100 species of trees. In Yasuní National Park alone there are 150 species of amphibians (more than in the US and Canada combined), 121 species of reptiles, more than 200 species of mammals, more than 596 species of birds, and 382 species of fish; Therefore, the Ecuadorian Amazon region is a very striking place for those who are attracted to nature. In addition, it is one of the places most studied by biologists and specialists from around the world. 8000 species of medicinal plants have been found.


Within the Amazon region, only 5% of the Ecuadorian population lives; This without counting those peoples who voluntarily stay away from civilization, such as the Tagaeri, the Oñamenane, and the Taromenane, whose nationality is Huaorani, many of them are nomadic peoples who practice fishing, hunting and gathering fruits. , they keep ancestral secrets about the use of medicinal plants and their exquisite and exotic gastronomy; all of which we can appreciate, thanks to the declaration of protected areas as national parks and recognized as natural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Have an amazing guided Motorcycle Tour in the Amazon of Ecuador





Tour Guide


DAY 1: Quito – Baeza – Cascada de Hollin – Quito


About the route:

This tour is a one-day trip form Quito to a small village of Baeza and the to a breathtaking waterfall in the amazon jungle called “Cascada de Hollin. This full day tour will let you take a glance of the Ecuadorian amazon region, and the Andean mountain region that divides our highlands from the Amazon Basin.



We do not want you to «push your limits»; instead, we want you to be able to lift your head, look around, and enjoy the amazing scenery during the ride by following the guide.
Our goal is a safe drive for the entire route.


Weather and Temperature

Weather and temperature ranges in Ecuador are generally the same year-round. You can expect the chance of passing showers in the highlands but rarely a full day of rain. Chances for a full day of rain are more likely on the western slopes of the Andes in March, April, and early May.

In the Andes, the higher you get, the cooler the temperatures are. During the day it can be warm and sunny, rain in the afternoon, and chilly in the evenings.
In the morning or late in the afternoon the Papallacta area can be very cold (5C/-2C), rainfall is very common specially in the months of June-September.

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We offer Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc. model BS3, BS4, and BS6 for these tours. Motorcycle rental is included in the price of the tour.



Expert local guides bring their knowledge and insight to lead you on stunning rides. They’ll set the pace, organize food stops, and sightseeing. These tours suit those who appreciate personal service yet enjoy the fun of riding with a small group of like-minded motorcyclists.
Guidance service includes an English speaking guide on a motorcycle, The Guide will make many stops throughout the day to introduce you to the locals, explain the local history, and show you «hidden gems» that are not common knowledge.


Note: Self guided tour available

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  • Personal Equipment.
  • International Flight Ticket.

Price per person from: $340

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