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From Quito we you will ride the E35 highway heading south to the province of Cotopaxi. On this ride, you will see the impressive snow-covered Cotopaxi Volcano that is 5.897m over sea level high. You ride further south to a small village of Sigchos. Located in the extreme northwest of the province of Cotopaxi, Sigchos is an ancient town, two versions remain about the origin of this town, the first tells us that it was inhabited before the Christian era by the Yanaconas, a tribe belonging to the Panzaleos.


Once in this area, you will enter the town of Quilota and have typical lunch, and take some amazing pictures! The Quilota lake has the appearance of a Caribbean island but is embedded in the middle of the Andes. The Quilotoa surprises more than one. From the viewpoint, located at 4,000 meters above sea level, you can see the lagoon formed in the crater of a volcano. The water, for minerals, has different shades: green, turquoise, blue.


Quilotoa village is known for its handicrafts, flora, fauna, gastronomy, and geography make this Andean tourist attraction one of the most sought after by national and international tourism. The journey to Quilotoa is also part of the tourist attraction, as it zigzags through the Andes and enters the Andean páramo. In the mornings, the greens of the mountains change their shade by the sun and, in the afternoon, the mist paints the duly signposted road with white. To get there, take the Latacunga-La Maná road, built by the current government. Upon reaching the town of Zumbahua, the ascent road continues for 15 more kilometers.


Quilotoa Loop is a ring-shaped trail that connects remote villages in the high Andes in Ecuador in the Cotopaxi region. It is a great introduction to the country’s rural life and, at the same time, to hiking in South America. We know an off-road trail that will take almost around the entire lake, this is a very easy trail that will be a blast to ride through.
You can also hike around part or the entire lake (3-day hike). You don’t need a guide or porter to hike Quilotoa Loop even if you are inexperienced, but it is necessary to have some instructions before you set off.


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Tour Guide




DAY 1:

Quito – Latacunga – Pujilí – Quilotoa
Hiking down and up the Quilotoa Crater (optional)
Back to Quito

DAY 2:

Quilotoa – Sigchos – Saquisilí – Quito


About the route

The tour drives around the “Avenida De Los Volcanes” from Quito to Quilotoa where you have the highest possibility to see more than one active volcano like Cotopaxi. Once we arrive at the collapsed caldera of Quilotoa you have the chance to hike down and up or take a picture from the gap of Quilotoa.



We do not want you to «push your limits»; instead, we want you to be able to lift your head, look around, and enjoy the amazing scenery during the ride by following the guide.
Our goal is a safe drive for the entire route.


Weather and Temperature

In the Quilotoa lagoon the climate is approximately between 12 degrees Celsius, emphasizing that sometimes it reaches up to 20. If you plan to visit the place you must remember that between the months of January and May the rains are more frequent.

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We offer Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc. model BS3, BS4, and BS6 for these tours. Motorcycle rental is included in the price of the tour.



Expert local guides bring their knowledge and insight to lead you on stunning rides. They’ll set the pace, organize food stops, and sightseeing. These tours suit those who appreciate personal service yet enjoy the fun of riding with a small group of like-minded motorcyclists.
Guidance service includes an English speaking guide on a motorcycle, The Guide will make many stops throughout the day to introduce you to the locals, explain the local history, and show you «hidden gems» that are not common knowledge.

Note: Self guided tour available 

Price does not include

  • Motorcycle Fuel.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Tolls in Ecuador.
  • Personal Equipment.
  • International Flight Ticket.

Price per person from: $320

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