Ceibos Route


NUMBER OF DAYS: 4 Days 3 Nights




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This trip is called “The Ceibos Route because you will see this unique tree that is world known for its odd shape.


We will take you from Quito up north heading to the village of “Los Bancos” located in the north west of Ecuador and from there for 227km to the village of Pedernales in the province of Manabí.  This road is one of routes you can ride down to the Ecuadorian coast.


The province of Manabí is with out a doubt on of the most beautiful parts of Ecuador, it is home the white sand beaches, National Parks and the best sea food in the country!


If we extend our arms, no matter how tall we are, it is impossible to hug an adult ceibo, its diameter ranges from one to two meters, generally, but up to four have been recorded. Not to mention climbing on your own to the top of one of these giant trees, since its height ranges from twenty to forty meters, and its trunk has no cracks to climb. The ceibo is a typical tree of the tropical dry forest, which in Ecuador is mainly distributed between Manabí, Santa Elena, Guayas, El Oro and Loja. With greater presence in the Machalilla National Park and the Montecristi hill, Manabí; Gulf of Guayaquil, Puná Island, Cerro Blanco and in the Manglares-Churute Ecological Reserve, Guayas; and in the southwest of the Loja and El Oro provinces, on the border with Peru.


You can not say that you where in Ecuador if you didn’t visit Manabí!

Tour Guide




DAY 1: Quito – Manabí

DAY 2: Manabí

DAY 3: Manabí

DAY 4: Manabí – Quito


*Manabí: Is a province located along the central part of Ecuador’s Pacific Coast, Manabí is known for its beautiful beaches, quaint fishing villages, commercial centers such as Manta, which is the country’s second largest port, and Machalilla National Park, with its rich vegetation and varied species of fauna. It also produces many handicrafts and is known worldwide for its pottery and panama hats. The Province’s climate is dry- to humid- subtropical, with an average temperature of 25 degrees centigrade.


About the route

Ceibos are the native trees from South America and bloom during the wet season (September to February). All over the Ecuadorian coast, you can join and relax with us. This trip combines the cultural site of this land with sun and sand.


** Optional Visit

Machalilla National Park – Archaeology and Virgin Beaches


With its unspoiled, white beaches; its leafy, endemic vegetation; and La Isla de la Plata, where some of the Galapagos species thrive in abundance, Machalilla National Park is visited all year round by both local and foreign tourists. The main season is from June to October, which is when the whales come from the Antarctic to breed in the region. Situated 80 km south of the town of Portoviejo, the Park is also home to sites of archaeological interest such as Agua Blanca, with its remains of the Machalilla culture. Salango Island, where endangered species such as the anteater have found shelter, is also worth mentioning.



We do not want you to «push your limits»; instead, we want you to be able to lift your head, look around, and enjoy the amazing scenery during the ride by following the guide.
Our goal is a safe drive for the entire route.


Weather and Temperature

Weather and temperature ranges in Ecuador are generally the same year-round. You can expect the chance of passing showers in the highlands but rarely a full day of rain. Chances for a full day of rain are more likely on the western slopes of the Andes in March, April, and early May.

Price Includes



We offer Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc. model BS3, BS4, and BS6 for these tours. Motorcycle rental is included in the price of the tour.



Expert local guides bring their knowledge and insight to lead you on stunning rides. They’ll set the pace, organize food stops, and sightseeing. These tours suit those who appreciate personal service yet enjoy the fun of riding with a small group of like-minded motorcyclists.
Guidance service includes an English speaking guide on a motorcycle, The Guide will make many stops throughout the day to introduce you to the locals, explain the local history, and show you «hidden gems» that are not common knowledge.

Note: Self guided tour available

Price does not include

  • Motorcycle Fuel.
  • Personal Expenses.
  • Tolls in Ecuador.
  • Personal Equipment.
  • International Flight Ticket.

Price per person from: $1.390

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