Spondylus Route & Ecuadorian Andes


NUMBER OF DAYS: 9 Days 8 Nights


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The best way to enjoy our beaches on the Ecuadorian Coast is riding on motorcycle along Spondylus Route.

This ride along the “Ruta del Spondylus” is part of the Ecuadorian pacific coastline highway, and it has much more to offer than just sun and sand. This route runs from north to south and offers beautiful beaches and offshore islands like “Isla de la Plata” that is located of the costs of the province of Manabí, this Island is covered with unique flora and fauna. During the month of June to September hump back whales visit this area as part of there annual mating ritual, if your ride with us is in these months we will most certainly visit la Isla de la Plata!


The route got its name from the Spondylus, a sacred shell that used to be a symbol of prosperity in the cultures that inhabited South America during pre-Columbian times. The red/purple colored shell was also presented as an offering in ceremonies. It represents fertility and agricultural success. The Spondylus became so important during the time that it was even used as currency in the continent. It stretches out across 748 km, specifically from Mataje in the province of Esmeraldas on the border with Colombia to Salinas in Santa Elena along the E15 Ecuador state road. This route include more than a dozen ecological reserves, including the Cayapas-Mataje reserve in the San Lorenzo, with moist tropical forests and mangroves, and Machalilla National Park along the southern coast of the province of Manabí. This is the only island-continental reserve in Ecuador and it is home to many of the nation’s best beaches as well as rare animal species such as jaguars, ocelots, bush dogs, lowland pacas, agoutis, and colored squirrels.


The route ends in Salinas, the best place for a few days of rest. Located in the Santa Elena Peninsula on the western end of the country, it’s the most popular city for tourism in Ecuador.


During the summer season between December and May, travelers and locals from Guayaquil (only 1.5 hours away) come here to enjoy the climate—which ranges from 21 °C to 33 °C (70 °F to 91 °F) with minimal rainfall—as well as the beaches surrounded by saltwater lagoons that are perfect for recreational fishing, sailing, surfing and scuba diving. Visitors come here for the sports scene as well as the exciting nightlife. The perfect plan? Going out for dinner to enjoy traditional dishes, seafood or bolones (fried green plantain dumplings) stuffed with cheese and chicharrones at Playa Chipipe, the largest and liveliest and also where the Salinas Yacht Club is located, and dancing until dawn. Have the best adventure tour on motorcycle with us!


Tour Guide


Day 1: Quito – Mindo (or Valle hermoso)

Day 2: Mindo – Cojimies

Day 3: Cojimies – Machalilla

Day 4: Rest day and local tour through local national park (Comunidad de aguas blancas)

Day 5: Machalilla – Salinas

Day 6: Salinas – La Danesa (Naranjito)

Day 7: Naranjito – Baños (We will ride the suddern route through the provinces Chimborazo and Guaranda)

Day 8: Rest day and local activities

Day 9: Baños – Quito (We will ride the Quilotoa loop on our way to Quito)


*Main Activities in Baños

Located in Central Ecuador is a small but unassuming town called Baños de Agua Santa, which is more popularly known as Baños. Located at the foothills of the Tungurahua volcano, Baños is undoubtedly the adventure capital of Ecuador.

It’s one big playground for those that are looking for some heart-thumping, adrenaline-filled activities.

With that being said, Baños is also a place that can be enjoyed by everyone given the wide plethora of activities and things to do.


About the route

This trip will take you from Quito up north heading to the village of “Los Bancos” located in the north west of Ecuador and from there for 227km to the village of Pedernales in the province of Manabí. This road is one of the ways you can ride down to the city of Santo Domingo, Gateway to the Ecuadorian coast.


The province of Manabí is with out a doubt on of the most bountiful parts of Ecuador, it is home the wight sand beaches, National Parks and the best sea food in the country!


We will ride along the “Ruta del Spondylus” where we will ride along the Ecuadorian pacific coast.


Its name is due to the Spondylus shell, a mollusk of great importance for the pre-Hispanic cultures of the western coasts of America since it served as the main means of trade, food and even to make ornaments.


At present, this shell is in danger of extinction, but the country maintains programs for its conservation.


You can not say that you where in Ecuador if you didn’t visit Manabí. In this province you will visit Pedernales and Puerto Lopez among other beaches, then we will head further south to the province of Santa Elena where we will visit the famous beach of “Montañita”, this beach is well known for its waves that are perfect for surfing.


To get the best “Ecuador experience” for you we will return to Quito on a very different route using back roads and the E35 highway trough the Andes. You will be able to see the best of both worlds.



We do not want you to «push your limits»; instead, we want you to be able to lift your head, look around, and enjoy the amazing scenery during the ride by following the guide.
Our goal is a safe drive for the entire route.


Weather and Temperature

The weather varies along the coast. The general rule is that in Guayaquil and to the south, from January to May it is the hot and rainy season, while the rest of the year is drier and cooler. The months from June to September are especially attractive for being the mating period of humpback whales, although this usually attracts large crowds, which causes prices to increase. Our recommendation is that you plan your trip for inter-stationary periods that correspond to months like September, a month whose weather is pleasant and in which fewer people travel.

Price Includes



We offer Royal Enfield Himalayan 411cc. model BS3, BS4, and BS6 for these tours. Motorcycle rental is included in the price of the tour.



Expert local guides bring their knowledge and insight to lead you on stunning rides. They’ll set the pace, organize food stops, and sightseeing. These tours suit those who appreciate personal service yet enjoy the fun of riding with a small group of like-minded motorcyclists.
Guidance service includes an English speaking guide on a motorcycle, The Guide will make many stops throughout the day to introduce you to the locals, explain the local history, and show you «hidden gems» that are not common knowledge.


Support Vehicle and Service

Your luggage will travel with you in our support vehicle, so you can travel light.

Accommodations on this tour

All of our hotels are three stars, and the accommodations are based in twin/double rooms and it can be updated to five stars and single rooms, Our accommodations are selected for their exceptional quality, location, and unique character and it is offered by our Private Travel Agency.

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Price per person from: $3.990

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